With us you will spread your wings

We introduce small and medium companies to the western markets

Investment period

1-5 years

Investment range

25.000–4,000,000 EUR

Value of shares

51% and above

or in the form of excluding a part of the company together with the exclusivity - leaving the ownership arrangement untouched

Our fields of expertise

EDS Venture is a venture capital type company. We invest in private companies at the beginning of their road, helping small firms to spread their wings. We also support companies, which have established themselves on the Polish market and need assistance with conquering the western markets.

A company, in which EDS Venture invests, gains financial support, as well as professional advisory and personnel services. Our experience and knowledge allow us to support our partners with their businesses.

We realize and support projects on the highest level, making our cooperation complete and satisfying.

We hire professionals experienced in the commercialization process of construction investments and retail parks in the whole country. We usually target points up to 2.000 m2 surface, however in favorable market circumstances and with good conditions of point commercialization, we reach 4.000 m2 surfaces. We take the responsibility for the whole investment process - starting with acquiring soil, as well as investment supervision and construction process, ending with signing agreements with rentees.

We monitor our investments throughout the whole investment process. Cooperation with us guarantees high financial rate of return, safety and transparency of transactions, and proper selection of well-communicated point. Thanks to that, commercial facilities designed by us ensure constant inflow of clients. They can be adjusted to any potential changes of rentees throughout the whole exploitation process. Additionally, we monitor the renting process of already existing facilities, as well as the adaptation to the new client’s needs.

Our actions reduce investment risk to the absolute minimum. Partners of EDS Venture are eligible owners of the investment, which turns a quick and assured profit. Because of the confidentiality, finished projects can be accessed only in the company’s registered office.

Propose a project idea

EDS Venture provides services of concrete elements prefabrication. Well-established companies from Germany and Belgium are our clients. We provide management executives, support of our partners, and specialized blue-collar workers.

By building with the help of prefabricated concrete elements you choose speed of production, ease and repetitiveness of the assembling process, and precision of the manufactured elements. High quality construction connected with increased profit guarantees success.

Team of our experts

Our latest investments

Stolzen Export & Stolzen Küchen —

Stolzen is a family company manufacturing kitchen furniture and fronts. Thanks to the exclusion agreement, financial and factual support from EDS Venture, the company expands its activity to Germany, Benelux countries and Great Britain.


Mavax is a company operating in the construction industry. Performs a series of works in the field of scaffolding, carpentry and reinforcement works as well as general construction works. The company deals with building construction. Mavax cooperates with large partners in the country and abroad.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress;
working together is success.
— Henry Ford

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